Raeed Sheikh (Glasgow North)

Thank you for this opportunity. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Raeed and I qualified from the university of Glasgow in 2017. After an amazing year spent in Clarkson during VT, I progressed onto working as an associate in the city centre. Currently, I am immersing myself in extensive postgraduate education with the aim of developing my clinical skills in all aspects of dentistry.


From new graduates to current associates and established practice owners, this pandemic has affected everyone to some degree and I feel I would be well placed to represent, voice out and be the medium to communicate any issues that are still ongoing. An ideal representative for me would be someone who is approachable, understanding and trustworthy and I believe that I can be that individual for everyone.


I am extremely passionate about what I do and if chosen, I will not hesitate to work harder and take up more responsibilities. Together we can build a community that is unified in steering dentistry towards the benefit of both patients and colleagues.