2021 GG&C GP Sub Committee (and LDC) Election RESULTS

The cut off for submission of voting papers for the elections in each of Glasgow North, Glasgow South and Renfrewshire & Inverclyde was 5.00pm on Friday 19 March 2021. This year we received a significantly higher number of voting papers than is normally the case and the results in some places were very close.

The following candidates, having secured the largest number of votes, were duly elected:-

1.       Glasgow North – three vacancies

(1)    Naomi Byrne;

(2)    Clare Murphy; and

(3)    Rhoda Kirkland.

2.       Glasgow South – three vacancies

(1)    Lindsay Milton;

(2)    Fern Stewart; and

(3)    Emma Foggo.

3.       Renfrewshire & Inverclyde – two vacancies

(1)    Josephine Weir; and

(2)    Stuart Davidson and Lyall Dominick tied, so one will be treated as duly elected and one will be co-opted after drawing lots.

Thank you to all candidates who participated.  Elections are held annually and there are sometimes casual vacancies to be filled.  New members to the Committee are always welcome.

Colin Millar

General Secretary & Returning Officer