Office Bearers

We bring together years of experience and hours of dedication. Meet the team at the GG&C LDC.

Meetings of the LDC are livelier than you would think

Greater Glasgow & Clyde Local Dental Committee is run by a team of up to 30 elected dentists from across the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area. You can find contact details for your local area representatives in the drop down menu of the constituencies page.

A word from our recently-retired Chair, Clive Bell….

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to Greater Glasgow and Clyde LDC’s website. We hope you will enjoy accessing the site and browsing through the various sections. There is information contained about the courses we run throughout the year and various useful telephone contacts for the Oral Health Directorate.

You will also find contact details for the committee members in your area. Our aim for the LDC is for it to be as relevant as possible to hard pressed GDPs in Greater Glasgow and Clyde so please let us know what you, as members, see as the priority areas we should be addressing.

Best wishes
Jacqui Fredericks,  Chair

Here are our office bearers for 2019-20


Jacqueline Frederick, Chair


David McColl, Vice Chair

Simon Kidd

Simon Kidd, Dental Secretary

Elizabeth Glass, Treasurer

Colin Millar, General Secretary of the GGC LDC

Colin Millar, General Secretary


Claire Murphy, Liason Officer

Clare Murphy, Liason Officer

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