24th June 2021 GG&C LDC Update

23 June 2021

Mop-up Vaccine Clinics; SDCEP Antibiotic Guidance; Free NHS dentistry for young adults; Ventilation funding; Mat/Sick Pay Changes

    • All dental practice staff should now have had the opportunity to receive both doses of a covid vaccine
    • New or returning staff
      • As the community vaccination programme nears completion GG&C are no longer running separate staff clinics so most will now be captured by the age-group cohort ‘blue envelope’.
        • Everyone over 18 should have received an appointment directly with those under 30 being invited from 14th June.
        • If you are in these age groups and have not received an appointment you should call the national help line on 0800 030 8013
        • The only staff who will not be captured by this are those under 18 whose details should be shared via this form
    • Second dose vaccination for staff
      • GG&C HB reminded staff that it is vital for them to receive both doses of their COVID-19 vaccine. For those staff members who are due to receive their second dose of Pfizer vaccine, a staff clinic is operating on Saturday 26 June. Please book using this link.
      • For staff who have received AstraZeneca and are due a second dose, a drop-in clinic is in operation at the Glasgow Central Mosque Friday 25 and Sunday 27 June.
    • The CDO recently wrote to dental practitioners regarding antibiotic prescribing:
      • “As face to face dental treatment has remobilised, then the first line management of acute dental conditions should again be clinical management and not antibiotic prescribing”
      • “Where an antibiotic needs to be prescribed then phenoxymethylpenicillin (Pen V) should be the first line drug.”
        • “The move towards Pen V is due to its narrower antimicrobial spectrum but having equivalent efficacy to amoxicillin for dental conditions. It also reduces the potential for antimicrobial resistance.”
    • SDCEP have produced updated guidance on prescribing for dental infections, they have also updated their mobile phone app
    • The CDO wrote to dental practitioners advising that funding will be made available to support the installation of appropriate ventilation systems
      • “I can now confirm that funding of up to £5 million will be available from the Scottish Government for the dental sector to help dental practices purchase, renew or upgrade ventilation equipment that meets the requirement of 10 air changes per hour. The scheme will run for the duration of this financial year and funds, held by NHS Boards, will be disbursed to those practices meeting the conditions of the scheme. Practices will be able to make a claim for the period 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2022.”
    • The base specification to be eligible for funding has still to be advised
    • The application process for funding has still to be finalised
    • The LDC strongly recommend practices refrain from commissioning any works until such advice is provided.
    • The Cabinet Secretary for Health wrote to all dental teams to advise that Scottish Government have put forward legislation to make NHS dentistry free of charge to adults 18-25 years of age.
    • The plan to provide for young care-leavers appears to have been scrapped in favour of this blanket change.
    • The anticipated start for the changes is August 2021.
    • The CDO wrote to practices to announce a move to a flat rate of maternity, paternity, adoptive leave and sick pay.
      • A test period will no longer be used to calculate the amount of these payments.
      • Where a NHS dental contractor is eligible for maternity/paternity/adoptive payments, the amount payable per week will be a flat rate payment up to a maximum of £1,399.00 per week, per dentist, which will be pro-rated by the contractor’s whole time equivalent (WTE) hours and their NHS commitment level.
      • Where a NHS dental contractor is eligible for long term sick payments, the amount payable per week will be a flat rate payment up to a maximum of £349.00 per week, which will be pro-rated by the contractor’s WTE hours and their NHS commitment level.
    • The SDR has been amended accordingly in SDR149 and has been backdated to February 1st 2021
    • The forms for referring children into the Public Dental Service (previously known as ‘community’) have been amalgamated.
    • This is accessed via SCI Gateway as before, guidance is available here.
    • Anxiety/behaviour management, children’s sedation, anticipated General Anaesthetics, should all be referred via this form
    • Specialist paediatric dentistry should still be referred via secondary care (GDH Paeds)
    • The Universities are currently looking for referrals for patients who would be willing to be treated by Undergraduate dental or Hygiene therapy students.
    • This would be an excellent way to help clear some of the backlog of dental care in practice, especially those treatments with lab fees attached in the current model of funding!
    • Referrals can be made simply by contacting our student patient co-ordinators via email or telephone:
    • “We would especially welcome straightforward patients for periodontal care, dentures, or specific items of treatment such as direct restorations, crowns and simple endodontics. Please specify what treatment you would like the students to carry out within the referral. We will return the patients to you at the end of the requested treatment.”