Ayesha Ghaffar (Glasgow South)

My name is Ayesha Ghaffar and I would like to thank those who nominated me to represent my constituency in the recent Local Dental Committee elections. 

I would be honoured to take on this role, if voted by my fellow colleagues. 




I graduated in 2006 with my BDS from The university of Glasgow and went on to complete my MSc in Primary Dental Care, 2011 whilst working as an associate. My ambition for postgraduate training in many fields of dentistry has continued throughout my dental career, completing a Post-Graduate Certificate in Contemporary Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry alongside various other courses. 


Whilst exploring the academic world of dentistry I became a co-owner of 2 practices which further developed my business skills and introduced me to the day to day running of NHS general dental practices. I have valuable experience in both setting up a squat practice and buying an existing NHS practice. Working alongside the healthboard and fellow colleagues has taught me lessons which if needed, I can help and share. I will benefit from this role in the LDC as I can further the communication links with the healthboard, SDCP and other dental committees to try to make dentistry for GDPs less stressful. 


Recently, I have been fortunate enough to set up and go out on dental aid missions abroad, alongside charitable organisations to help those less fortunate. Furthermore, as a practice we set up dental clinics in local homeless projects such as lodging house, city mission and marie trust where our dentists in the practice went to help out the homeless and made dental treatment available to those less fortunate. This initiative extended to the drug crisis centre in Glasgow where patients could attend our practice and receive dental treatment. 


I am someone who can lead and work well with within a team, looking outside the norm to make things happen for the better. During the pandemic, I felt a sense of loneliness and anxiety (as I am sure most did) and even though I helped out at GDH emergency service during the initial lockdown, I feel there is more scope to reach out to GDPs within our constituencies hence one of the main reasons I would be greatful to be elected. 


Furthermore, I am passionate about driving forward initiatives and a voice to create a culture of support, aligning with the LDCs strategic plan as this is now more important than ever, as many of our colleagues are looking at different avenues in dentistry due to the stress levels and low morale within the profession.