An Update of Paediatric Referrals

With Susan Frew & Tara Dunseith

Wednesday 9 March 2022
6.30-8pm on Webinar Jam.
0.5 session CPDA

Aims & Objectives

  1. Fully understand referral guidance and SCI template for referral for Paediatric Assessment in primary care.
  2. Ensure participants understand the available referral pathways for paediatric patients.
  3. To understand the range of treatment modalities offered following referral.

Learning outcomes

  • To provide an overview of the Paediatric Assessment referral pathway from point of referral to patient discharge.
  • To provide knowledge of the full range of treatment modalities offer following referral.
  • To be up to date with the roles and responsibilities with regards to safeguarding patients
An Update of Paediatric Referrals(Required)