Jaclyn Gilliland (Glasgow North)

I was introduced to dentistry through close family friends and I am still very grateful for the support and encouragement they afforded me. Today, I reflect back on my time since qualifying in 2008 and realise I have been very fortunate to have spent time working with many great teams in HDS, PDS, and GDS. I have met so many lovely people, many of whom have been infectiously passionate about their roles. I believe it is this passion and team working that helps to drive the profession forward.

I have been keen to get involved with the LDC for a few years. The effect of the pandemic on dentistry has been immense and with so many layers that continue to unfold. The LDC has been a great support and now more than ever I would like to contribute. At this stage in my career, I feel I have a depth of experience and confidence to partake in discussions to help effect change.

What I would hope to bring to the committee is a voice which helps to knit together each sector. I would like to help make proactive changes to shape a life in dentistry we can all continue to enjoy and feel passionate about. One in which colleagues work effectively together in a system to deliver excellent patient care. One which I would want to encourage and support our future dentists to be part of.