NEEDED: Volunteers to assist in the delivery of the GG&C Flu Vaccination Programme

29 September 2020

FAO General Dental Practitioners in GG&C.
Further to the CDO’s letter some weeks ago, Greater Glasgow and Clyde regional HSCPs have now set out their flu vaccine delivery plan and have put out a formal request for assistance in delivering the programme. The LDC have been asked to form a bank of dentists who are willing to take paid shifts at any of the local hubs in their HSCP area. It is important to stress that those who take on these shifts should ensure that their practice’s ability to deliver triage and urgent care is unaffected.
Unfortunately, the programme cannot be delivered in individual dental practices due to the logistical challenges in cold storage and IT logging/claiming. Participants will be able to take shifts at health centres and hubs in the same HSCP area as their dental practice.
  • GDP volunteers must submit their details via a web form on our website to be included in the bank.
  • The LDC rep for each HSCP will pass on the details of volunteers and act as a point of contact.
  • Training will be provided online via TURAS LEARN (an account will need to be set up).
  • Participants will be given additional training/information by the local flu programme coordinator.
  • Participants will be in indemnified against claims in negligence by the NHS CNORIS scheme
  • The flu programme starts 29/9/2020  and continues throughout the whole winter period
  • The one-time  £250 participation fee detailed in the CDO letter will be honoured for those that take shifts. Details of how this will be claimed are yet to emerge.
  • A rate of £210 per session has been agreed in line with our GMP colleagues (most shifts are likely to be 2 sessions i.e. one full day = £420)
  • Sessional claims forms will be provided and these will be paid via NHS schedules over and above the FSM top ups
  • You may be required to provide evidence of BLS training in the last 12 months
Please complete the web form at the following link to register your interest in bank shifts delivering flu vaccines:
Kind regards,
Simon Kidd
Dental Secretary
GG&C Local Dental Committee