Samuel Poole (Glasgow North)

Samuel Poole BDS MFDS RCPS (Glasgow)


I graduated from Glasgow University in 2016 and joined Lansdowne Dental Care for my VT year and have been there since, enjoying a good mix of NHS and private dentistry as well as a great cohort of patients who I’ve come to know well over the last few years. Since May 2019 I have also worked in the out of hours service in Glasgow Dental Hospital on evenings and weekends, which has given me an insight into the PDS side of dentistry.


Over the last 12 months, like all of us, I have found the developing situation with COVID lockdowns and restrictions very difficult to keep up with; at one point it seemed like things were changing daily. Thankfully the LDC were there to cut through the noise with clear, concise and accurate information.


It was during this time that I started to appreciate more fully the work of the LDC, not only as a voice of the profession but also as a tool for the profession. The LDC allows the dental team to engage with clear communications and, when permitted, high quality education. I would thoroughly appreciate the experience and relish the challenge to be part of such an organisation.


The two main areas of interest for me as a member of the LDC are continued professional education and representation.


Since my VT year, I have enjoyed attending many CPD events as well as committing to longitudinal courses in Restorative and Cosmetic dentistry. I have a passion for learning and improving my skills and I know that many others also do as well.


I believe the LDC are in an optimal position to be able to offer high quality CPD which is not only relevant, but evidence-based and delivered by well-respected clinicians. Importantly, I believe this should also be local to the dentists of Glasgow. As a member of the LDC I would encourage and work for a varied and enjoyable CPD programme, taking into account what the local constituents feel would most benefit them as well as their teams.


As the profession moves on from COVID, it is vitally important that we don’t fall back into the old ways. NHS Dentistry in Scotland needs to change and modernise. My view is that we should be valuing our patients enough to provide evidence-based, affordable dentistry that is provided for by a system and service that is fit for purpose and supports the needs of both the local patients and dental teams. It is hugely important to me that any new proposed system features input from general dentists.


As a member of the LDC I would work for all dentists to represent our ideas, concerns, opinions and, most importantly, our patients as we adapt and change our practices. As a more recently qualified dentist I feel that I can represent the views of, and engage with younger dentists as well as benefit from the experience of those who have been working for many years.


I am hard working, enthusiastic and very approachable and, if elected, look forward to meeting new colleagues and working with them for the betterment of our profession in the Glasgow area.