8th February 2021 GG&C LDC Update

08 February 2021

£500 Bonus Payments; Vaccinator Programme; LDC Elections

    • PCA was released today detailing the process by which independent contractors (and their employees) should claim the £500 NHS grant (or pro-rated amount).
    • Practitioner services released an FAQ document  giving more specific detail for dental practices.
    • The deadline for claims is 21st Feb 2021
    • One person at every practice should take responsibility for registering on the portal and submitting the claims.
      • The responsible person (likely principal or practice manager) should claim for all contractors (eg associates) and employees (e.g. DCPs, receptionists, managers)
      • The PCA indicates that the payment will be made in March and the PAQs indicate that it will be in one lump sum, to one party – who would then be responsible for disseminating the funds.
      • The whole pro-rated bonus (not subject to associate splits) is intended to reach individual contractors and employees (less tax for the employed team members on PAYE). The responsible person is merely acting as an administrator of the bonus funds.
    • All queries relating to this process should be emailed to practitioner services dedicated email address (read the FAQs and the PCA first)
    • new process and application form for dental teams (including DCPs) to become volunteers at NHS Louisa Jordan has been set up.
    • Volunteers can either be vaccinators or help in the administrative roles.
    • If you are already on the NHS GG&C staff bank, you can also join the NHS Louisa Jordan ‘Dental Team’ bank.
    • All queries should be directed towards Ann Sweeney, although please be aware that several hundred people have already contacted the team and it is taking time to work though the applications.
    • The annual LDC nomination process closes on Friday 12th February
    • Please give serious consideration to standing for a seat on the committee.
      • We need as many younger dentists as we need weathered and experienced dentists. The future model of care will affect the youngest the most, so please do stand and make yourselves heard.
      • You need only have your own GG&C list number to be eligible although all committee members are expected to be mandate holders
      • This includes principals, associates and specialist practitioners with a GG&C list number
    • You should have received nomination papers via your NHS email address. If you haven’t, please email and ask for another copy.
    • Check your constituency on these maps
    • Those who are elected must commit to attend monthly meetings of the GP Sub and LDC committees
      • These are held on the first Monday of every month at 7pm.
      • Representatives are reimbursed for their time.
    • How do the LDC fit in to Scottish Dental Politics? This simplified hierarchy shows how it all fits together.