22nd February 2021 GG&C LDC Update

21 February 2021

Additional Funding; Clinical Waste; Emergency Care Summaries; Vaccinator Programme; LDC Elections

    • An underspend was identified in last year’s GDS prescribing budget and the OHD have agreed to disseminate these funds to practices to cover some of the costs of making premises covid secure.
    • Fully NHS committed practices (assessed in the same terms as GDPA) will receive a one-off payment of £875, secondary committed practices will receive £438. These should have been paid in the January paid February schedule.
    • The definition of ‘fully NHS committed’ is detailed in Determination XIV of the allowances section of the SDR.
    • From April 1st 2021 only practices which are ‘fully NHS committed’ (assessed in the same terms as GDPA) will benefit from the free GG&C clinical waste collection services.
    • Practices who are identified as ‘secondary committed’ have been informed.
    • The definition of ‘fully NHS committed’ is detailed in Determination XIV of the allowances section of the SDR.
    • If you feel you are not in the correct commitment category then please take this up with the Oral Health Directorate team.
    • NSS are distributing lateral flow test packs to practices across Scotland.
    • All dental team members can opt to regularly test themselves for potential COVID-19 with rapid test results.
    • Very limited guidance on how to use these in a GDS setting has been provided to date.
    • We are pushing the OHD and public health for a robust process on how to manage positive results. These tests are notoriously unreliable and there will be devastating impacts upon dental practice sustainability should there be numerous false positives.
    • The LDC are currently recommending you do not start using these until you are very sure what you should do if a team member tests positive.
    • Please direct questions to the GG&C  Consultant in Dental Public Health.
    • A responsible person must regularly check your practice generic inbox. All important and urgent communications are sent here.
    • Details of how to set up a forwarding service are contained within this guide.
    • The IT helpline for GG&C is 0345 612 5000
    • The Emergency Care Summary (ECS) is a web accessible ‘crib sheet’ detailing a patient’s essential medical history features  (e.g. medication list and drug allergies)
    • This system was developed for rapid access by paramedics and A&E doctors. The ECS is maintained by a patient’s GP.
    • GG&C LDC put forward a motion to conference requesting access to this record for dentists and SDPC took this forward. Following a successful pilot, all GDPs in Scotland can now gain access to this.
    • This is extremely useful when dealing with patients who are unsure of medication names (eg anticoagulants prior to extractions).
    • A user guide detailing how to gain access can be found here.
    • The system is intended as a backup and dentists should always ask for consent from competent patients or their legal representatives before accessing their ECS.
    • There are extremely strict audit trails in place to prevent abuse of the system.
    • The process and application form for dental teams (including DCPs) to help the vaccination programme at NHS Louisa Jordan remains in place.
    • Despite some confusion late last week, dental nurses will be able to work as vaccinators but will only be able to do so at Band 3. Alternatively they can opt to work as ‘Health Care Support Workers’ at the same banding.
    • Bank shifts are extremely limited at present due to a 2-4 week gap in the pfizer vaccine production and supply chain, this should pick up very soon.
    • All queries should be directed towards Ann Sweeney
    • The LDC would like to take this opportunity to remind dental teams that their first obligation is to their patients and their practice(s) and that the Covid Financial Support Measures are at risk if dentists/practices are not open and providing appropriately triaged care during the whole working day.
    • Nominations to GG&C GP Sub and LDC closed on Friday 12th February
    • In 3 of GG&C’s 4 constituencies there were more nominees than there were vacancies and as such there will now be elections in these regions.
    • Dunbartonshire had two nominees for 2 seats and therefore no election is required.
    • If you are a list number holder in Glasgow North, Glasgow South or Renfrewshire/Inverclyde you should have received voting papers on Friday 19th February. If you did not, please email our elections officer.
    • Details of the nominees can be viewed on our website here.
    • Voting closes at 5pm 19th March 2021.
    • How do the LDC fit in to Scottish Dental Politics? This simplified hierarchy shows how it all fits together.
    • Scottish Government announced support for students following decisions from Scottish Universities about their undergraduate training programmes affected by Covid-19.
    • Glasgow and Dundee University students are now required to repeat a whole year. Aberdeen will extend by 6 months.
    • NES have now also confirmed that VT will be extended by another year with funding for VT salaries and trainer grants being maintained.