New Ionising Radiation Regulations IRR17 and IRMER18

12 January 2018


All dental practices working with Ionising Radiation must ‘apply to register’ with HSE by 5th February 2015.

  • You must apply whether or not you have informed HSE of your status prior to 1st January 2018
  • Dental Practices are only required to complete the ‘Registration’ section as they are considered ‘intermediate risk’ (Notification and Consent do not apply to dental practices)
  • The practice owner/principal is responsible for ensuring ‘Registration’ with HSE
  • Individual dentists working at the practice do NOT need to register
  • This is a one-off registration, and will cost £25

You can register here:

Below are some handy hints on how to complete the application process:

  • Use Internet Explorer for government websites, others can be temperamental
  • In STEP 1 Question 1 you should select ‘HEALTHCARE PROVIDER’
  • In STEP 1 Question 2 you should select ‘NO’ then enter your practice name and post code
  • In STEP 1 Question 3 you should enter the number of staff working in the practice and for the second part the number of staff who work in surgeries where there is exposure to ionising radiation
  • In STEP 2 you must select ‘REGISTER’ and select the second check box ‘Register working with a radiation generator (for example, X-ray devices)’


FGDP UK have produced a detailed summary of the other likely implications for dental practices following the introduction of the new Ionising Radiation Regulations IRR17 & IRMER18 which can be accessed here.


If you require any further assistance with this process please contact your local LDC rep, details of which can be found here. Alternatively HSE can be contacted directly on 0300 0031747.