Oral Health Improvement Plan: Update

07 March 2018

The Scottish Government Oral Health Improvement Plan (OHIP) was launched on 24th January 2018, following a period of consultation from September 2016. The main themes are:

1. Prevention;

2. Addressing oral health inequalities;

3. Meeting the needs of an ageing population;

4. Expanding the range of services in GDS;

5. Improving patient information;

6. Quality;

7. Workforce;

It is envisaged that working groups will be established to develop these themes and that any changes will be phased in over a period of years. Contrary to some recent discussion on social media, the final detail of the OHIP is still up for discussion and will not be implemented in 2018. 

We would encourage dentists to express any concerns about the proposals outlined in the OHIP via their LDC representatives. We have a meeting planned with the Chief Dental Officer in June and this is an ideal opportunity for us to make the views of GDPs known.