2021 GP Sub Committee (and LDC) Elections

Unsurprisingly, after a tumultuous year in dental politics, we have had the largest number of nominations to the LDC that we have seen for decades.

There are four constituencies in GG&C: Glasgow North, Glasgow South, Renfrewshire/Inverclyde, and Dunbartonshire

In three of these constituencies there were more nominees than there were vacancies which has triggered an election process.

  • Election papers should have arrived in your nhs.scot inbox on Friday 19th February if you are eligible to vote.
  • If you didn’t receive election papers then please contact ldcelections@wjm.co.uk
  • You are only eligible to vote if you have your own list number in the constituency where the election is being held.
  • You can vote for as many candidates as there are vacancies, there is no ranking order.
  • You can only vote once (as in one voting form), even if you have more than one list number or practice across different constituencies.

The nominees are listed here (alphabetically), click on the hyperlinks to see a short bio about each:

Glasgow North:

There were seven valid nominations for three vacancies:

Glasgow South:

 There were seven valid nominations for three vacancies:

Renfrewshire & Inverclyde:

There were five valid nominations for two vacancies: