GG&C Local Guidance COVID-19

19 March 2020

GG&C Oral Health Directorate circulated the attached documents to all GG&C generic mailboxes this afternoon (19th March 2020)

  1. The first document below is a catch-all response from Tom Ferris in response to the emails and queries that have been flooding his inbox in the wake of the recent PCA releases. Some mild reassurance is given that further funding may be announced.
  2. The second is from GG&C Chief of Dentistry Lee Savarrio and is a cover letter to the documents that follow. His intention is to give regular updates as the situation unfolds.
  3. The PPE guidance clarifies the current stance on treating patients (who are asymptomatic) in general practice following the advice from the Chief Dental Officer.
  4. The Flow chart details the in-hours protocol for referring emergency pain patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 symptoms. NB The flowchart is not easily viewable on smart devices when opening the original document sent by the OHD. The copy below is a PDF and should make it easier to view the whole document on all devices, failing that either version should open on your desktop computer.

As always, the LDC are working as hard as we can to keep you up to date. If you haven’t already, please sign the mandate on our website to support the hard work of your reps.

1 Email From Tom Ferris

2 Chief of Dentistry Update 19-3-2020

3 PPE Guidance OHD v2

4 Flow Chart COVID 19 GDP Referrals to PDS