Oral Health Assessment and the OHIP… Respond Now!

20 March 2019

SDCEP are reviewing their guidance on ‘Oral Health Assessment’ (the all-singing-all-dancing super-checkup some of you may remember from a pilot run a few years ago) and they are looking for GDP participation in a survey. This matters to GDPs because it will directly inform the development of the next phase of the OHIP, changing the way we examine dental patients under the NHS.

Greater Glasgow and Clyde LDC would like to highlight the importance of the Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme’s review of the evidence underpinning the current Oral Health Assessment and Review guidance. We cannot stress enough how important it is that we give as much input from a GDP perspective as possible.

The updated guidance is likely to form the basis of the next phase of the Oral Health Improvement Plan (OHIP) and will have significant bearing on the shape of General Dental Practice for years to come. It is essential that ALL GDPs respond and give meaningful commentary in the feedback boxes. This is an excellent opportunity to influence positive change for our patients, and ensure that any guidance that is produced is designed in such a way as to be workable in a General Dental Practice environment.

To take part, all they are asking you to do is complete a questionnaire regarding your current practice, and beliefs and attitudes towards specific aspects of the Oral Health Assessment and Review guidance. The questionnaire should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

The questionnaire is available here until April 1st 2019 so get in fast!