13th May GG&C LDC Update

13 May 2020

 SDCEP Drugs Update; Duraphat Prescriptions; Furlough Extension; PSD Calculations

Please follow this link to access yesterday’s GG&C Chief of Dentistry Update.Remember, all the updates and official advice specific to Glasgow are available on the GG&C NHS website. The most relevant news affecting GG&C GDPs today is:

    • The Chancellor has said that the Job Retention Scheme (furlough) introduced to pay the wages of workers on leave because of coronavirus will be extended to October.
    • Mr Sunak confirmed that employees will continue to receive 80% of their monthly wages up to £2,500, but he said the government will ask companies to “start sharing” the cost of the scheme from August onwards.
    • The small print of this extension, and how it will relate to dentistry in Scotland, is still to follow
    • Following a number of queries from GDPs who are receiving patient requests for Duraphat prescriptions, GG&C LDC has sought clarity from the Oral Health Directorate on their position and their response is summarised as follows:
    • “Duraphat (by definition) does not constitute an urgent or essential medication and cannot be submitted to a pharmacy as such.” This means we can not send in ‘urgent’ prescriptions for Duraphat in the same way we have been for antibiotics during the Covid-19 pandemic (ie. photos and emails of the script followed by postage of the physical form).
    • However, “For those patients deemed to be at high risk, a prescription for Duraphat can be issued. We ask for this prescription to be posted to the pharmacy. Under the current circumstances there are likely to be delays in the postal service, so please inform patients of the likely delay in dispensing.”
    • “The prescription of Duraphat requires the dentist to risk assess the patient and would preferably be carried out in conjunction with a clinical examination. Under the current circumstances this is not feasible. Therefore, it will be acceptable to undertake this risk assessment remotely (by telephone or video call).”
    • So, if you believe patients really need Duraphat following a well documented risk assessment, then you must send a prescription to their local pharmacy by post (the slow way) notifying the patient that it will be available to collect in a few days time. Do not send pictures or emails of the script in advance as this system is for urgent care only.
    • GG&C LDC are very lucky to have strong representation on the Scottish Dental Practice Committee (SDPC). Our very own David McColl chairs the group, with Kenny MacDonald, Josephine Weir, Clare Murphy and Judith Brady from GG&C ensuring that Glasgow is looked after.
    • SDPC had a videoconference with NHS Practitioner Services Division (PSD) yesterday to discuss the system they have developed to calculate the “average” Item of Service for NHS dentists over the 12 months to April 2020 as a basis for determining the level of financial support.
    • SDPC representatives offered to peer review a sample of cases to verify PSD’s calculations, and PSD will soon update its COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions web page which should help to address dentists’ queries.
    • Individuals with specific queries about their circumstances should still contact PSD directly.
    • Every dentist with a list number in GG&C can and should have an active LDC levy mandate.
    • It is important to note that if you have moved practice or changed list number your mandate is no longer active and you should sign a new one with each change.
    • If you are not sure if you are supporting the LDC then please email the LDC and ask. Alternatively, you can just complete another mandate (duplications are picked up at our end and there will be no ‘doubling up’ of levies). The process is entirely online and takes no more than a minute.

12th May GG&C Chief of Dentistry Update
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